The spa industry is booming. No wonder when stress levels are at an all-time high and nerves are continually frayed on a daily basis. It is therefore all the more important to find a personal oasis of peace and relaxation, especially in the privacy of your own home.

Regeneration and dreaming, sensuality, fitness and wellness, new possibilities for the well-being of the body. Wellness at home is now one of the most popular current trends.

Active health care is becoming more and more important as stress in everyday life and work increases the need many people have for recreation and relaxation in their own home. The healing and relaxing effect of warmth and water on body and soul is undisputed. As an absolute antidote to this fast pace and to the challenges of our lifestyle, we often search for ways in which we can slow down. This natural process also features prominently in the search for our own four walls.

Insights, technology and design on the subject of wellness have come a long way in the past few years. Individual requirements and personal taste know no boundaries when it comes to implementing the perfect wellness oasis.

Enjoyable bathing fun and recreation for the whole family

DAVINCI HAUS can create an “island of wellbeing for the whole family – whether big or small” according to the customer’s wishes, making the exquisite experience of “wellness in one’s own home” an everyday reality. The advantages of a wellness oasis in your DAVINCI HAUS are temptingly obvious.

Why look to far off lands when that which you are searching for is actually closer to home. Here you will find peace and relaxation 365 days a year. The in-house wellness area guarantees year-round pleasure – regardless of location and weather conditions. In addition, the orientation of this modern timber frame house with its large-area glazing promises an optimum exposure to the sun, which is always considered to be beneficial for general well-being. There is no limit to the imagination. How about a pampering programme in the luxury spa, complemented by the spacious bathtub with Jacuzzi function? How about a walk-in shower complete with massage function? Then relax on a beautiful sun lounger with a good book.

Pure relaxation in your own sauna with views stretching out into the distance

A sauna, for example, is a true benefit for body, soul and mind. Heat instead of hectic is the motto. Detox, relax, and simply free your mind and strengthen your immune system. But having a sauna requires time and rest. Where better than within your own four walls? Together with the family, with friends or even on your own, simply indulge yourself – for the sake of your wellbeing – and all this in the privacy of your own home, where one can feel most comfortable and secure.

A pool – immerse in the water and close your eyes

Pleasant warm water bubbles and foams around legs, shoulders and torso. It massages skin and muscles from head to toe. Here you can swim, immerse yourself or simply watch the sunset from an air mattress. This is pure relaxation!
The indoor pool with built in counter hydro-flow system, Jacuzzi, a solarium, a drinks bar, a personal fitness studio in the basement for maintaining all round physical fitness – or should it be a natural bathing pool in the garden? Relax on the walk around terrace deck? To be able to enjoy all this outside opening hours and without having to drive anywhere is a very private and intimate luxury. Whatever you need for your relaxation and well-being – DAVINCI HAUS makes it possible.

Holistic planning

Perfect planning is the beginning of all bathing enjoyment. Whether you want to create a spacious bathing / wellness paradise or a cosy corner for relaxing, the most diverse requests and requirements can be met with elaborate utilities and creative design. We advise you professionally and plan a wellness area with you together, leaving no desire unfulfilled.

DAVINCI HAUS can plan everything, from the barrier-free shower with large shower head and the freestanding eye-catching bathtub, through to the fully glazed sauna, pool or the separate wellness building in the garden.

When it comes to spa facilities we understand how to coordinate the many components into a holistic concept, and take your personal relaxation needs into account. Space is created that reflects the lifestyle of the users and provides them with the perfect area to take a little time out.

Look forward to your DAVINCI HAUS and your personal spa oasis.

Simply contact us today and find out some of the many ways DAVINCI HAUS can help you achieve your very own wellness-spa oasis.

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