Tradition / 80 Years DAVINCI HAUS


Over 80 years of traditional timber construction – anyone who knows anything about building also understands that this means an eternity. In the precarious building industry such an anniversary has become rare and therefore is more than just a proud occasion.
DAVINCI HAUS started off, as with many custom build manufacturers, with the good old craftsmanship: In 1936 the story began when Erich Stühn and his family opened up a saw mill. His son Ulrich Stühn, together with Anton Hammes, then headed the manufacturing up until 2006.

Over the Years a Lot has happened

tradition4At the end of the 60’s a change could be seen. The first discussions with the “Planungsgruppe Stieldorf” were carried out. This consisted of a group of famous and respected architects who came together in the earlier years of the Federal Republic of Germany. The first contact had been established but it would take a while until the first Designer house would be built in Elben. Günther Hornschuh, a member of the“Planungsgruppe”, together with 4 other colleagues had looked into whether the capital city of Germany could work in Bonn. After completing these studies they opened up a new office in Stieldorf near Königswinter and started to construct housing. These houses had one thing in common: they all used a timber post + beam construction with glass and brickwork infill panels. They were also the first attempt of the designers who had studied in the Bauhaus, to create a mixture of a modern timber post + beam construction together with the Bauhaus Ideals.

The most important Date in the Company’s History

Ulrich Stühn & Anton Hammes vor unserem Musterhaus Anfang der 80er Jahre
Ulrich Stühn & Anton Hammes in front of our show house at the beginning to the 80s

In 1981 the „Planen-Bauen-Wohnen GmbH“, forerunner of the now DAVINCI HAUS GmbH & Co.KG, was founded. At the same time the construction of the houses for PBW, produced under licence for a company in the Black Forest, commenced in Elben. The highlight of these houses where the usage of a timber post + beam construction with asymmetrical roofs, open rooms and visible construction. Such were the beginnings of the houses which are constructed today. Under the name of “Kontrasthaus” in 1983, followed by the “Systemhaus” and “Profilhaus”, further developments of the houses were carried out so that the heavy timber construction could be refined dramatically.



Anton Hammes – Inhaber und Geschäftsführer
Anton Hammes – Owner and Managing Director

A main architectural objective was to reduce the somewhat heavy appearance of the timber construction. This was achieved in 1989 with the construction of the first designer house developed by the architect Brigitte Beier. In 1992 the name DAVINCI HAUS was adopted and since 1995 the company also uses this name. In 1996 an additional production was opened in Bleialf/ Eifel which today is the home of our BESTiNTERIEUR Furniture Centre. All our own furniture is produced here. Designer kitchens, fitted cupboards, units, bathroom furniture and much more – are all completely made to measure – and designed to complement the architecture of the DAVINCI houses.


DAVINCI HAUS is a company which can be found in many of the important show house exhibitions. Individual dream houses are completed in Germany, Europe and far beyond. Year for year around 50 – 60 houses leave the factory in Elben.

Sascha Lamberty – Geschäftsführer
Sascha Lamberty – Managing Director

Not only are privately owned dwellings are produced – office blocks, hotels, restaurants and clinics for example are also manufactured. What is important to understand is that this type of construction is not a mass produced solution. The current DAVINCI HAUS managing directors Anton Hammes and Sascha Lamberty agree emphatically “We retain our high quality and design by not cutting corners and we categorically refuse to change to mass production.” The stability over the years has remained the same – with the traditional objective of the highest quality – “Made in Germany”.

Historical milestones of our company's history


It all started with a sawmill

The Stühn family establishes their sawmill.


A love match: Timber frame and Bauhaus

In the 1960s there are first meetings with the "Planungsgruppe Stieldorf", a group of young famous and respected architects who came together in the earlier years of the Federal Republic of Germany.


The first modular show house at the exhibition "Eigenheim & Garten", Wuppertal

All the first houses have on thing in common: Their construction consists of timber poswt + beam with glass and brickwork infill panels.


Successfully set on a market niche

The so called "PBW" is founded by Hammes & Stühn. It is the forerunner of DAVINCI HAUS. Inspired by the ideas of the "Planungsgruppe Stieldorf" the first steps towards today's DAVINCI HAUS architecture are taken.
Open and wide rooms together with the visible timber construction, including nature with floor-level glazing - that's what is already typical for these houses.


The first "Kontrasthaus" - a further evolutionary step in free individual design by architects

The first "Kontrasthaus" makes way for the next stage of development to refine the heavy timber construction in its entirety.


High standards in craftmanship and attention to detail

Due to the architect Brigitte Beier's major impact on the unique design of the houses, that she consistently pursued - even up to interior decoration - finally in 1989 the time has come: The construction of the first designer house at the exhibition "Eigenheim und Garten" in Bad Vilbel.


Individuality and exclusiveness

The first show house in Gebhardshain is built, thus the foundation of today's show house centre Westerwald has been laid.


LEONARDO DA VINCI - universal genius

Based on the versatility and the genius of our idol Leonardo Da Vinci - since 1995 it has not only been the company that carries the name "DAVINCI HAUS", but the product as well.


The additional furniture production was established in Bleialf/ Eifel - today our furnishing centre BESTINTERIEUR

The "Bleialfer Schreinerwerkstätten" expand with our kitchen and furniture centre and move to an industrial area at the same time.


The innovation of "building on a slope" - excluding basement: A higher standard of living at all levels

The second show house at the Show House Centre Gebhardshain is constructed using this unique way of building on a slope.


Go East! Heading for the land of smiles

DAVINCI HAUS has been building three houses in Japan. Until now the only German house building company over there.


"Lucky strike" for the company - award for the outstanding

Hans-Artur Bauckhage, then Minister of Economics, awarded Anton Hammes on July 11, 2002, with the Economic Medal of the German state Rheinland-Pfalz.


Development of the new market Ukraine

DAVINCI HAUS and its partner DAN SCAN are building the first houses in the Ukraine - the beginning of a still lasting cooperation.


Ready for the Emerald Isle

We're building a show house in Waterford (Ireland). Many spacious and beautiful projects at the nicest places of the isle are to follow during these successful years.


The end of an era...

Until 2006 Ulrich Stühn and Anton Hammes had managed the Westerwälder manufacture together. It's then that Anton Hammes takes over Ulrich Stühn's shares and runs the company on his own until 2013.


Modern architecture meets energy efficient and environmentally friendly construction

We are ready for presenting the latest house generation ENERGYplusDESIGN with its most energy efficient roof construction.


Furnishing Centre BESTINTERIEUR – Inspirational Living from the Idea, through to the Design and Completion of your Home

Right there where the own furniture and kitchen manufacture is situated in the Eifel, our new furnishing centre is established: BESTiNTERIEUR.


Building an Energy-Plus-Home is gaining ground

DAVINCI HAUS goes that one step further and builds Energy-Plus-Houses on request, which produce more energy than they actually consume.


Young and old work as one

Sascha Lamberty is being appointed to second Managing Director of the company.

The young businessman who came to know the traditional craftsmanship of DAVINCI HAUS already as a little boy is still managing the company's fortunes side by side together with Anton Hammes.


Following the trend towards flat roof constructions

The new design called TRENDDESIGNplus with flat roof is established: the affiliation to the famous Bauhaus style is unmistakable. Open plan living areas, glass elements in the interior and the distinctive DAVINCI HAUS architecture transform the building into a magnificent residence.


Jumping across the pond - DAVINCI HAUS USA

DAVINCI HAUS starts cooperation with a company in Bridgehampton, US.


DAVINCI HAUS Energy Efficiency

Our exquisite, transparent architecture completely fulfils the exceptionally high energy standards in accordance with the environmental requirements of modern residential buildings in the whole of Europe and worldwide.