Smart Home

smarthomeAhead of the standards

When it comes to serving the environment and the client, our standards are already streets ahead of the rest. It makes perfect sense that open windows should be closed when it rains or that the heating should be regulated accordingly when doors are open.
This provides additional security and saves energy. Such digital networking of the home will be of increasing importance in the future.

The smartest home thinks

The smart house can actually think and take care of all aspects regardingissues of safety and energy saving.


For years, we at DAVINCI HAUS have been installing market proven and established KNX/EIB systems. As a future-orientated company, we offer a specially developed Smart-
Home-Package for our clients with emphasis on the family home.

Smarter comfort – Smart house

An absolute priority in a DAVINCI HAUS is home comfort. Starting with the lighting, window blinds and room temperature control – all can be operated with a smartphone and tablet. Access is by way of fingerprint and the entire portfolio encompasses a fully automated home surveillance system through to the integration of an entertainment system which can be controlled individually in each room.

Multimedia System in style

The networking of such an audio entertainment system creates maximum freedom in a DAVINCI HAUS. Imagine Beethoven´s Ninth resounding throughout the whole house, or maybe you would prefer to have different music in different rooms according to your mood.

Home Cinema at its best

On request we offer taylormade home cinema through digitally networked multimedia systems. Our partners smartainment will be happy to offer advice in this area: