Our mission is to enable our customers hassle-free building. This includes the DAVINCI HAUS service, “Everything from one source”. Whether or not the house has a basement and carport, a DAVINCI HAUS kitchen, installations, lighting and upholstered furniture, or garden landscaping – all these made to measure solutions are in demand – as are the real estate and financing services in advance of the construction project. However, even after the house delivery, the customer remains our partner. In the areas of customer service, maintenance, extensions or conversions as well as renovation, we still assist our clients over many decades.

Customer and service orientation are extremely important at DAVINCI HAUS. We are committed to quality, reliability and to punctual scheduling.

Plot Service and Advise

You dream of a DAVINCI HAUS, but have not yet found the right plot of land? Take advantage of our property service! We can help you find just the right spot.


With our tailor-made financing service, we offer you the security of a reliable and trustworthy construction partner in advance. We will be there for you from the first signing of the contract through to the loan repayment plan.

Cellar / Basement / Foundations

A cellar or basement creates more space. The foundation specialists from Knecht, Glatthaar and Bürkle have been one of our highly capable partners for years. Experience the redefinition of a ground floor in a DAVINCI HAUS.

Customer Service / Warranty

A lasting partnership with our customers - that's what DAVINCI HAUS stands for. We are always there to help with any questions or wishes that you may have. Even if the warranty period has long finished.

Fascination Light

Create a charming atmosphere for your DAVINCI dream home - using lighting designs that influence physical and mental well-being. We take care of the lighting and give a perfect setting to your interior design.

Demolish and Rebuild

As charming as old buildings can be, they are often no longer suitable or comfortable for modern day living. And not just because of the usually small living space and out of date technology...

Garden Experience

Our cooperation partner for gardening amd landscaping creates the perfect harmony for in- and outside, for man and nature. That's how a DAVINCI HAUS with its unique architecture fits harmoniously into the environment.