LEONARDO DA VINCI – born 1452 in Venice – was a genius of the renaissance. DAVINCI HAUS has adopted this artist as a role model. Our claim: Buildings should be perfect in all aspects.

Similarities lie not only with the renaissance artist’s name, but also in his philosophy, genius, claims and thoughts:  Free to use all available opportunities to live in harmony with the environment and yet be able to live individually.

The Name DAVINCI HAUS commits

That is the reason why Leonardo Da Vinci’s life model – study the art of science and the science of art – depicts the immensely high rate of innovation we carry out. Through the binding of architecture and design the artistic design elements are formed and at the same time the DAVINCI HAUS company philosophy.  The harmonious interplay of architecture and design from the classic Bauhaus and modern post + beam, it doesn’t matter how the style of a DAVINCI house is described. Fact is: every house is a one-off and unique.

Our philosophy leads us to say that we do not just want to keep our customers happy, no we want to thrill them! Our aim is to create an exclusive, unmistakably unique DAVINCI HAUS each and every time. A timeless approach of architecture and design towards living in the middle of nature. Together with the landscape and the seasons.

Living in the freest Form

„Open living“ means: not squeezed between walls, escaping from the daily grinds,  rediscovering aesthetic values, seeking dialogue and yet be different than others,” says Managing Director Anton Hammes.
“Open living” is: transparency, elegance, slenderness, individuality. That is the result of the high standards that DAVINCI HAUS set themselves. It is a building concept which mirrors the living and life qualities of the Client. It is at the same time an optimisation of a timber post + beam construction system which DAVINCI HAUS has successfully practiced for over seven decades. Timeless building art as a result of architecture and design. DAVINCI HAUS’s complete answer to a demanding attitude to life.

For this purpose the DAVINCI HAUS Team demands high standards from itself. Professional expertise in all trades, precision craftsmanship in every detail, a flexible all-round service, quality materials, the best raw materials, the love of architecture and design – these are the building blocks for the unique quality of a DAVINCI house.

In all of this we respect the responsibility for people and the environment. DAVINCI HAUS is as an employer of regional importance. We offer apprenticeships and long-term career opportunities to younger people.
In the selection of materials and components, we focus on the sustainable use of resources and the protection of the environment. A DAVINCI HAUS meets the highest demands on energy-efficient housing AND architectural aesthetics. Consistently, we focus on the most environmentally friendly and at the same time the most traditional of all building materials: wood.