Space, comfort and a home for the whole family

People with a penchant for openness, transparency and communication feel comfortable in homes that actively reinforce and communicate this lifestyle. DAVINCI HAUS homes are a superb combination of open plan design and many possibilities for the residents to retreat into their own private space if they so need.  In this house, the predominance of light and glass immediately draw your attention. The view extends to the gallery and beyond, as glazing covers the whole rooftop which runs from the eaves to the very ridge of the family home. Two beautiful and elegant gable-side balconies further enhance the exquisite construction of this timber frame house.  The lavish sized roof appears to almost float above the filigree structure below in a display of balance and harmony.

A rather special eye-catching highlight

The brightly painted red front door invites arriving guests into the house and provides a luminous accent to the grey-and-white timber-framed façade.  Over 166 square metres of total living space, this DAVINCI HAUS offers plenty of space for unrestricted freedom to live according to your heart’s content.

Lightness transcends throughout the whole house – flowing across barrier–free thresholds.

Perfectly and clearly structured, the ground floor presents itself as an open living landscape. Doors are only to be seen at the utility / technical room, the guest bathroom and a small, but very practical storage room.  The hallway merges seamlessly with the light-flooded living, dining and kitchen area, which covers more than half of the whole space. The centre-piece of the open living area is a stunning designer fireplace suspended from the ceiling.

Floating freely above the ground, this chimney not only creates a cosy, homely atmosphere, but also serves as an attractive room divider. No DAVINCI HAUS would be complete without the exclusively designed kitchen which is of course always a special highlight. Enjoy spending wonderful hours with friends watching the “chef” prepare delicious meals at the specially designed rounded kitchen bar.

Beautiful tilt-and-turn doors enable Nature to flow into your home and create a seamless transition between the garden and the large terrace beyond.

Stylish ascent

A simple expertly crafted staircase leads to the upper floor, where the residents are welcomed into a light-filled gallery, thanks to the superb roof-glazing. Here one can admire the wonderful views, enjoy the sun or simply relax in the peace and quiet, far away from the neighbours. A good book and a relaxing lounger soon become a favourite hide away place.  The comfortable studio area more than adequately provides the calm working environment necessary for any impending office duties while offering superb views of the surrounding area.

The spacious bathroom has enough scope for an intended sauna. The light grey floor tiles, white walls, subtly framed by grey wood, modern built-in furniture and luxurious bathroom facilities transform this room into a real wellness paradise.Not only does this DAVINCI HAUS timber frame house meet the highest domestic standards, in terms of residential space and open planning, the state of the art technical equipment also achieves the highest standards in modern energy conservation.


Heating is enabled without the use of fossil fuels using an energy-efficient air source heat pump. This is supported by a controlled ventilation system which optimises heat recovery. As wells as bringing a breath of fresh air into the house, it also uses the energy of the used air to warm the fresh air. Storage is also no problem as ample space is provided in both the garage and utility room thus dismissing the need for a basement.

Well worth a visit

Would you like to see and experience this show house live for yourself? Would you like to get a picture of the spatial effect and the quality of a DAVINCI HAUS?

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