Gebhardshain 1

Lovers of the open form of living will be especially inspired by this modern interpretation of the proven traditional form of the post + beam house. The timber framing allows you to remove load bearing walls, the individual rooms are only indicated by the structural timber structure. The minimal number of walls are there either to accommodate services within or to provide space for cupboards or shelving. The minimal mixture of black glue laminated timber, white plaster and lots of glass together with the structural post + beam framework create the house’s character.

geabartshain1_galerie3Partly due to the full room height glazing, a transparent, simple and yet functional piece of architecture, which on the one side provides an open and dynamic atmosphere but on the other connects to the surrounding nature. Practically from all rooms views through the fully glazed facades into the natural surroundings can be enjoyed, the boundary between inside and out appear to blur away

A Room Concept with sophisticated Views and Insights

The DAVINCI HAUS team has further refined the concept aimed for – that elegance and fascination does not contradict the materials, individuality or nature, but is complementary to it. The result of this extremely high target: natural materials, transparency, traditional craftsmanship, use of modern technology and diversity allows each and every DAVINCI HAUS to be unique.

Quality of life in a timeless architecture

This show house demonstrates a complete answer for a demanding attitude to life, an expression of personal freedom and appreciation of beauty.

Through a generous entrance area which also serves simultaneously as a driveway to the house for the vehicles, the visitor or guest is led to the house under a rain proof canopy. Already the entrance hall offers numerous surprises such as the mirrored doors which hide a dual accessed closet. Further on your eye is led to the internally glazed garden which is under the centrally located staircase, a visual separation of the individual living areas and but still allowing the connection.

Homely and individual

Passing the elegantly fitted kitchen, you continue the way to the exclusive and unmistakable Living areas. A large one-off wood burning fire acts as a room divider between living room and dining room. Like in the old days, the fireplace acts as a warmth and comfort-giving centre to the house around which the family life evolves. The modern BULTHAUPT kitchen allows you to cook whilst allowing the connection to the guests sat around the table…and of course them to you! The kitchen therefore becomes a part of having guests around. Maybe you turn around to the garden which through the extensive glazing becomes part of the living experience. Enjoy the view over the rolling hills of the western forest “Westerwald”.
Above the living area and the gallery emporia roof glazing has been integrated. This helps to create a special feeling of transparency whether it during day or night.
On the upper floor potential self-builder’s dreams come true. A bathroom landscape full of superlatives can be found adjacent to the spacious walk-in dressing room area leading through to the light-filled master bedroom. Over the spacious gallery the living area is opened up right to the underside of the ridge impressively connecting the living space on both floors. On this lvel you will also find a light-filled studio and nicely decorated child’s bedroom.

Convincing Detailing, Colours and Technology

The furnishings are carefully matched with each other. Keeping an eye on the smallest detail, the furniture, accessories and paintings have been brought together. No matter where you look you will only find exclusive design, high quality materials and perfectly matched fitted furniture. The acoustics within the whole house were carefully controlled: A BOSE speaker system delivers magical sound experience.  It is clearly demonstrated that a DAVINCI HAUS is not a massed produced house, repeatedly the Client’s individual wishes are put into practice.