Fellbach near Stuttgart

The heart of this architectural concept is the visible post + beam framework which allows you to infill with insulated rendered walls or full height glazing. Even though there is a lot of glazing in the house, the energy requirements are low. Intelligent films within the glazing elements allow passive solar gain to enter the house and therefore reduce the energy required.

fellbach_galerie7Not like a traditionally brick built house, the walls here do not separate the inside from the out but instead mediate between the built interior and the external nature. This achieved firstly through glazed facades but also the side elevations to the glazed extensions of the living and dining areas. But also on the upper level the two balconies with pergola beams create a stylistic connection between the built environment and nature.

A Look at the Internals verifies what You may think from the Outside:

The simple architectural language, the visible structure, colours and materials are all continued internally. The walls, ceiling elements, fitted fixtures such as kitchen, bathrooms and staircase are all coordinated together. Hidden comforts, such as the climate controlled under floor heating with its short heating up time and individual thermostats, special sound reducing glazing, intermediate floor make-up with sound and thermal insulation, as well as thermal heat and moisture storing wall finishes provide a comfortable and healthy living environment.
Protected by an upper floor balcony, you enter the house through a spacious entrance hall which is completed by a cloakroom and guest toilet. The only enclosed space on the ground floor is the office with a separate entrance.

Visual Separation through Dividers

Dining, kitchen and living group themselves around the central staircase and flow, only separated by dividers, into each other.

Symbiosis of House and Nature

The full height glazing and open plan concept allow the ground floor to appear even more spacious than what it already is. The boundaries between inside and out are negligible, hardly any walls to brake the views in the vegetation. The attempt to connect with nature is mirrored in the use of natural materials for the interior fitting out. All wooden surfaces are treated with a solvent free paint, walls and ceilings are finished with natural fibered wallpaper with special paint finish.

Thought about right up to the last Detail

By using the central staircase, with its eye catching coloured stair treads, you reach the no less spacious upper floor. A gallery connects both levels, the roof glazing above also lighting up the living areas below. The generous bathroom with carefully chosen well designed sanitary ware has, just as the master bedroom with dressing room, the childrens bedroom and the studio, a direct access to a shared balcony. A separate shower room compliments the generous room programme on this upper floor. The post + beam structure allows however a flexible plan form made to measure for the individual occupants.