Conquer Your Challenges

Where the boundaries of standardized production processes end, the challenge and delicate work for our experienced team of craftsmen and technicians begins. In our Elbener factory – in which for over 75 years timber traditional craftsmanship is maintained and where many hand-made or hand-finished parts of a DAVINCI house run through trained and experienced hands – the slogan “Made in Germany”  is not only our target but also simultaneously our obligation.

manufaktur3It is similar to a good wine. Firstly the winegrowers and winemakers will ripen it, make it distinguishable and turn it into a rarity. When Frank Seifert, the production manager at DAVINCI HAUS, rubs his hand over a piece of pinewood from northern Sweden, he knows already what quality will be given to the living area of the future house. “We are very conscious of selecting only the highest quality of materials for our houses. Each house is custom built, each one being a challenge for our craftsmen. And every house which leaves our production has had its own difficulties.” It is no surprise that Frank and his team know, and love, each and every house very well. The same as a winemaker and their wines.

manufaktur1Living our Philosophy in our Manufacturing

This is where every DAVINCI HAUS becomes exclusive, unmistakable and unique, that the Client is not only happy but also thrilled. Helmut Buhl felt this some 25 years ago on his first day of work at DAVINCI HAUS. “I found it fascinating, how could a DAVINCI HAUS with all its technical finesse and high quality be constructed by so few people.” He now, within his position of Technical Leader, develops innovative solutions which are typical for DAVINCI HAUS.”You can implement technical solutions brutally but then design is ruined. I want to develop technical solutions that you do not see” and in this way Helmut and his team were able over the years to create solutions for problems which seemed to be impossible and these “are the really enjoyable ones”.

manufaktur2A Question of Trust

Enjoyment, affection for the product and the passion for good work runs throughout the planning, manufacturing, erection and fitting out on site. Only in this way is it possible to succeed in every trade. We understand this as a way of showing our Clients that we are different to the others and that this is the success recipe of the manufacturing of DAVINCI HAUS.