White Lodge overlooking the Rhine

07_SiebengebirgeAt a panoramic location high above the Rhine an exclusive DAVINCI HAUS has arisen: Open spaces, interesting perspectives and ensuring privacy. This is the concept of the house. But before it was so far, Mr. Lehnert had already lived in a DAVINCI HAUS – but as a tenant. Here he received a taste of the free, light-filled living. For this reason, he also wanted to build a DAVINCI HAUS building, tailored to their needs, and their desires.

Hillside Plot with Views of unspoiled Nature as far as the Eye can see

The starting point was an exposed hillside on the outskirts of a small town on the Rhine. He found a beautiful site overlooking a small castle and the fabled river where at this point it bends and is particularly beautiful. “For me, a very special dream come true,” says the owner.
To build so high above all the other roofs, requires the client as well as the architects, interior designers, construction managers and specialized professionals for each discipline to provide a peak performance.

A very steep slope – from the roadside to the rear boundary, this meant an increase of about 14 meters – to a strong cross slope of about 7 m. Not so easy, but not impossible, as the result shows. In terms of planning Mr. Lehnert had very specific ideas and sketched in advance his house already onto paper. A tight construction window also had to be taken into consideration. In addition, the planners insisted that the eaves of the building face the road and so towards the slope, thus the beautiful view was interrupted. Two opposing garages make up the friendly start of a 42-step staircase up to the house, perched like an eagle’s nest above all the other houses. The house itself is divided into three levels.

From a distance the viewer sees white facades, large panels of glazing and the many steps. Simple understated from the outside, an impressive living world inside. When entering you leave the outside world behind you but it feels almost like being outdoors, because the house seems to have more glass than walls. “What today seems so harmonious and perfect is the result of many discussions and an intensive planning phase,” explains Mr. Lehnert, who planned and implemented the entire house with the team of DAVINCI HAUS. “Some reasons for the choice of prefabricated: a fast implementation, the details perfectly executed already with realized projects and the fixed price belonged to it,” says Bernd Lehnert.

Grand entrance when entering

The entrance to the house, which is covered by a large balcony above, is via the basement / lower floor. Access is via a spacious bright hallway in an equally bright stairwell. At this level, a storage room and a cellar, a heating and a wine storage room can be found. A quality modern heating ensures very low fuel consumption in heating costs. And thanks to the large glazing not only light filled living spaces are provided – passive solar gain is efficiently used.

For guests of the house there is a comfortable living room (guest 2) with a separate bathroom. In addition there is a further guest bedroom (guest I) with single kitchen for the owners parents who drop by every now and then. Due to the steep slope a partial basement had to be built under the basement, which can be accessed through a separate entrance from the outside. The goods lift that leads from the garage right down to the basement is very convenient for transporting heavy purchases.

A single staircase leads to the ground floor. Bright white and warm parquet flooring dominate here. Bright, vivid colors and shapes just determine not only outside but also inside the image at all levels. Large floor to ceiling glazing to present a panorama – depending on time of day and weather – always different picture.

Culinary Crossroads

Mr. Lehnert is a great lover of design. He loves a very minimalist approach. His motto: “Less is more”. As a hobby cook, he wanted a large kitchen with a good sized kitchen island and with wall flush-mounted electrical equipment. And yet another passion, Bernd Lehnert: He likes to play pool. Also for this hobby a room was specially created in which a pool table is placed. The kitchen has a glazed door leading directly outside. Here is the favorite place of the house owner.

In front of the dining area (eaves) there is a large covered, about 20 m², stilted balcony with direct views of the Rhine. From here you can watch the ships go by. The spacious living area appears light and airy due to the open gallery and the roof glazing. Here you want to linger, enjoy light music and experience the gigantic views. A breathtaking experience!

Sleeping under the Stars….

A merbau hardwood staircase leads up to the upper floor. The studio is also equipped as a home office for the master of the house.

The “private area” with bedroom, dressing room and bathroom takes up half the width of the house over the entire house depth. Above the bed is a roof light providing the view of the starry sky. 

The view is not limited to the rooftops of the city – it goes far beyond the forests of the Eifel up to the Nürburgring. In this dream home “Home Wellness” is an essential part of daily life. A large bathroom can accommodate a sauna, a spacious shower and a bathtub with views into the green nature.

A practical idea: The separate toilet has a laundry chute which extends down into the laundry room on the lower floor.

A Garden as a Symphony of Green, Water, and Design

The master of the house has created over the entire garden ??a uniquely relaxing haven with a natural swimming pool, a small waterfall and a stream. The spectacular views and confident choice of garden furniture, lighting and accessories are fascinating.

Lots of White, lots of Light, lots of Space characterize this extraordinary DAVINCI HAUS

“This house reflects my life” says the likeable client. “Yes, I love life, the open living, this linear architecture. I meet here with people I like, in an atmosphere that at any time gives me the feeling of being a guest of honor in my own house. “A declaration of love which you can really understand”.