Anyone who has found the perfect place for his home will of course want to enjoy it with a correspondingdream home. Whether it be  as here – with the magnificent panoramic view over the Oster lakes up to the Zugspitze or the beauty of the nature directly next to the house.

A long cherished Dream of Livingmarenbach_innen5

For the married couple Dr. Marenbach with two nearly grown-up children, a long-cherished dream has become a reality. With a house which is different from the run of the mill architecture: A DAVINCI HAUS bungalow. The harmonious combination of glass and visible post + beam structure is not only beautiful to look at, the natural light that penetrates into the rooms also has a positive effect on the well-being of the inhabitants.

A home for the second Half of Life

The plot had already a non-reparable house on it and the approach to the house was at the lowest part of the plot. The garden area was very unfavorable for distance views, so much so that the Oster lakes at this level could not be seen. The main terrace should be placed at the highest point so as to enjoy the spectacular views available. The main features of the open living, dining and kitchen area was logically placed on the upper level and then optimized by a planned third gable. The Marenbachs thought about a kind bungalow, ready for later on in life, bedroom and bathroom on one level, no barriers. A spacious floor plan should provide the perfect setting for a comfortable living in the second half of their lives. Also a study in the immediate vicinity of the main living area, and also with a good view, has been created.

Plenty of Room for the whole Family

The childrens bedroom and the guest room, all in the full height glazed basement floor level and with a separate patio area – can be reached through the main entrance. This level can also be entered directly via a second separate entrance. Both children each have a dressing and bathroom and share a common TV, Billard-/Partyraum.

Tailor-made Plan

DAVINCI HAUS architect Christian Ruf had the following solution:

Two gable projections are on one side of the bedroom and spa area with adjoining dressing room and, on the opposite side and behind the kitchen – help the study, directly placed next to the terrace, creates the desired view. The third gable brings this variety within in the roof-scape and provides pleasant building proportions.

With a total floor space of over 337 m² there is plenty of room for planning the needs of this family. In addition to the functional areas such as office, guest toilet, hallway and utility rooms, a generously provided dining room with adjacent kitchen has created the heart of the house. On the same floor is the retreat area of the parents. From the master bedroom you have direct access to the bathroom, sauna and dressing room.