A dream come true: the perfect house for a waterlily pond – swimming pool!

Most people dream of owning a home, far away from everyday stress, surrounded by nature and tranquillity. For a couple of home owners in the Vogtland area of Saxony, the desire for an open plan home is no longer a pipe dream.

Our clients had long been flirting with the idea of building their own home. The children had long since grown up and gone their own way. However, in order to be prepared for the next generation without any problems, the new building needed to be flexible in layout and take into account for any additional extensions. For the not so distant future, further construction is already being planned for the plot.

Form follows function.

Even at first glance, this detached house captures the viewer in its spell.  The delightful wooden and glass construction stands out as far as the eye can see. The exposed timber frames are especially eye-catching. It is also striking to see that nothing is either used to excess or noticeable by its absence: true to the Bauhaus motto “form follows function”.
Thanks to the generous glazing units between the infill of the façade, light-filled spaces are formed, creating a peaceful atmosphere. In order to fully appreciate this, the house has an impressive living area. The 127-square-metre ground floor leads through from a generous entrance area complete with cloak room and guest bathroom.

The innovative room layout is characterized by an open-plan kitchen in which dining and living areas merge seamlessly and form a harmonious living space. Separated to one side is also a small study.

The upper floor, which consists of an area of 102 square metres, is accessed via a stainless steel staircase. This spacious level offers four bedrooms, a dressing room and two luxurious bathrooms allowing endless possibilities for privacy and a safe haven for the home owners. Here one can enjoy various spa-like facilities, as well as a floor-level shower – a welcome oasis after a stressful day at work or a stroll in the cool autumn air. For another feel-good aspect, two balconies are each positioned on the gable ends of the building offering extensive views into the lush green surroundings and the large garden. The outstanding south-west facing wooden terrace, together with an integrated pool receives plenty of sun, making it a highly frequented location for relaxation or sunbathing.

Energy-conscious design

The house scores many plus points with its convincing energy saving concept starting with optimal insulation. The combination of the thermal insulation façade, insulated with a high-quality mineral fibre together with wooden rafters in the roof allow the heat to stay where it belongs- in the house. Advanced triple-glazing technology does the rest. In addition, an integrated ventilation system continuously ensures for a pleasant and healthy living environment. An in-house gas condensing heating system supplying the underfloor heating further endorses the fact that such dreams are not so far removed from reality after all.