A DREAM HOME that is good for the soul

Before the Reinhardts decided upon building their very own DAVINCI HAUS, they lived in a large Tuscan style house. A barrier-free life without relinquishing any comforts were essential requirements when considering the construction plans for their new home.

The current DAVINCI HAUS property is located in a very quiet road, next to their previous house. Set on its hillside location in one of the top locations in the area, it gives the Reinhards two main advantages: a fantastic panoramic view and the knowledge that this view will never be obstructed by any other buildings.

In-depth discussions with the DAVINCI HAUS planning consultant Hans Max Wurth and architect Ramona Hoffmann followed. They looked at quite a few show houses very carefully before their decision was finally made.

Elegant proportions

The result is a prestigious building with a staggered upper floor set on a level ground floor overlooking a large garden. The L-shaped building has a garage for three vehicles and is set at a right angle to the main entrance of the house, lending a distinctive welcoming courtyard character to it. The entrance faces east, while the house opens out to the west onto the landscaped garden and a large well-tended lawn. All-round glazing ensures that the house is flooded with light throughout the day. The outdoor area is accessible from all rooms and is bordered by the spacious terrace, which additionally increases living space. On hot summer days the overhanging roof provides adequate all round shade.

In keeping with the elegant exterior of the house, the main entrance provides a welcoming and spacious reception.

To the left is a hallway which leads from the practical and spacious dressing room to the minimalist but comfortably furnished bedroom. A further side room houses the heating technology and a connecting passage allows access to the garage.  The guest WC, laundry / utility and storage rooms are situated in the right wing of the property.

The central staircase leads to the upper level. The workspace and wellness area were especially designed by the architect into a staggered floor in order to gain a spatial distance from the living area. From the study as well as from the sauna there is access to the roof terrace, from where the householders can enjoy full panoramic views of the beautiful surrounding area.

Our DAVINCI HAUS architect also very cleverly separated living room and kitchen dining area with an ingenious open-fireplace feature. The glow of a real fire not only provides pleasant warmth but can be enjoyed from both areas through the angled glass.

Maximum transparency

The principle of openness gives way to generosity.

Not only are the kitchen appliances integrated into the white fitted cabinets behind the central kitchen island, to the right there is a door, which leads into the utility and storage room. The kitchen is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and a cooking island, which acts as a central feature for the room. This area is reserved for the pure enjoyment of cooking and entertaining.

Here, the owners can spoil guests with a delicious meal at the modern wooden table or sit on comfortable chairs and enjoy stimulating conversation.
The overall elegant whiteness of the timber frame construction and ceilings is contrasted by the noble sand-colored stone flooring. On all levels, it radiates the calmness and permanence of natural stone.
Colourful accessories and designer lighting skillfully accentuate the features while lots of indirect lighting ensures a wonderfully pleasant ambience in the evening.
Without question the Reinhardts have left nothing to chance in the design of their DAVINCI HAUS. In the same way a great deal of careful thought has gone into every step of the way and for the right choice of construction partner for their project.

Smart technology combined with comfort

New homeowners enjoy a great deal of comfort and peace of mind with ‘smart home technology’.
An advanced energy concept provides all round effective insulation, a photovoltaic system and an air-to-water heating pump system. Smart home control brings further environmental benefits as it helps to increase efficiency. For example, sun and wind monitors automatically allow the sun shades to be lowered and raised, and the heating switches off after a certain temperature has been reached. If the inhabitants leave the house, all light sources can be switched off, the blinds are gently closed and the room temperature is lowered.
The garden too is given regular care and attention.  A lawn robot and an automatic irrigation system ensure peace of mind even if the inhabitants are away for few days.
The whole house gives the impression that life here is pure wellness for the soul. If this can be achieved through the invisible support of modern technology, then all the better.