About us


It is only a brief moment and yet surely the most moving in the raising of a DAVINCI HAUS home. Every client is fascinated and moved when the heavy, low loader pulls up, the first elements hover in the air and in just a few days the DAVINCI HAUS is already standing.

After all, when the owners finally hold the house keys in their hands, lying behind most of them is an incredible story. Especially as each has had their own silent moments of doubt in the back of their minds, that it couldn’t be possible to build such a magnificent house is such a short time.

The secrets of punctuality and reliability are the character of our company. We are a team of employees – the majority of whom have a very long company affiliation – that really work hand in hand. The DAVINCI HAUS team exert an enthusiasm and inquisitiveness towards the task of building each and every house as if it were their own. And it is exactly these traits which set the exceptional quality of DAVINCI HAUS homes apart from the rest. Because we believe that only the best advice combined with expert knowledge can solve the technical challenges facing our customers. The team spirit and commitment of our employees are the foundation for our success. Trust and constructive cooperation are fundamental to achieving our goals.

01_800_600_WMRecognition for this exceptional entrepreneurial performance is provided under the very capable leadership and initiative of owner and managing director Anton Hammes who was honoured with the Award for Economic Excellence in Rhineland-Palatinate (2002). This tribute is awarded to only the top three to five companies annually. The then Minister of Economics Hans-Artur Bauckhage (FDP Liberal) stated that under Anton Hammes, the company has become the success that it is today . “A company with over 130 employees which has successfully made its mark with design-oriented ready-built houses in a truly difficult market.” The trademark filigree architecture with its timeless design has evolved rightly into an international premium brand. He continued to describe Hammes as, “An absolute bonus for the company and the company as a bonus for the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.”


Furthermore, Anton Hammes is also involved with the Association of German prefabricated buildings, engaged in the local council and is a founding member of the Association of Regional School Development in Gebhardshain. Bauckhage summed up in his speech, “Your outstanding entrepreneurial performance together with your commitment to volunteer work wholly justifies the distinction in receiving this prestigious Award.” This collective success continues to inspire us.

With each and every DAVINCI HAUS our aim is to provide an exclusive, unmistakably unique home. Not only to satisfy our customers, but to also inspire them!

Our job satisfaction is created through the enthusiasm of our customers. From this enthusiasm the success of DAVINCI HAUS continues to grow, because satisfied customers are the best possible references a company can ever have.

  • Mrs Menk was always open to new ideas and ready to make any changes we wanted - even on weekends! In our view this demonstrates a real love for the job and an unusual personal dedication.

    Owner Steffen Säuberlich, from Falkensee

  • We are completely satisfied. For it is your architect Christian Ruf who managed to plan a home that leaves nothing left to be desired; and corresponds exactly to that which we imagined.

    Builders and Elke Rüdiger Carl, from Hersbruck