It is almost impossible to build with more foresight than with a bungalow. Because its simplicity is its greatest advantage.

DAVINCI HAUS Client Houses

If you define design and living as an essential quality of life, then you will find a new home in the spacious architecture of a DAVINCI HAUS. We introduce you to our homeowner families. Why not simply ask them yourself!

Construction Sites

On this page you will find current projects by DAVINCI HAUS. Click on the picture to view the entry! We will be happy to help you.


Are you looking for something special? Do you prefer exclusivity and individuality?
Then our new design line TRENDDESIGNplus will appeal to you.

Smart Home

Here you find all aspects regarding SMART HOMES. Lighting, window blinds and room temperature control or audio entertainment systems and home cinema - we'll be there to guide you.


The timeless design of a DAVINCI HAUS ensures that they are houses for a lifetime - without getting tired of the whole concept or the room design.

KfW-55 Effizienzhaus

All buildings constructed according to the DAVINCI HAUS plan comply with the KfW-55 efficiency house standard.


  • Initially a DAVINCI HAUS appeared to be too expensive – at the end of the day, the bottom line is that it was very reasonable. Of course they are the leaders in terms of quality and attention to detail. As for service, courtesy and competence of staff, DAVINCI HAUS can compete with any American companies. Where other German companies are concerned, they are years ahead.

    Owner Patricia and Freddy Dreher, from Koenigswinter

  • We are completely satisfied. For it is your architect Christian Ruf who managed to plan a home that leaves nothing left to be desired; and corresponds exactly to that which we imagined.

    Builders and Elke Rüdiger Carl, from Hersbruck