DAVINCI HAUS Financial Services – all out of one Hand

As with the search for suitable land, the planning or setting up your dream home the DAVINCI HAUS team of experts offers, of course, professional support for the construction financing. You can save on the time-consuming search for a partner bank for your project and relax and prepare for moving into the new home. Our finance professionals, with their years of experience, can stay on your side providing you with guidance and accompany you on your way to the dream house for the funding application during the construction phase, right through to complete repayment of the loan.

The advantages:

  • Individual interest rates, either fluctuating or fixed up to 25 years
  • No interest in the build up phase for up 6 months
  • Flexible pay back terms right up to the full repayment
  • A full finance of any over-cost possible
  • Project specific exclusive build rating

For any questions about financing your DAVINCI HAUS home you have a personal contact that you, your project and the lasting value of your DAVINCI home knows in exact detail: comfortable premium consulting, chosen from the regional and national banks – in Germany – one for you and your dream house: tailored financing proposal.