Fascination Light


Light and color not only have a decorative effect. Much more important is their influence on the physical and mental well-being. A measure of well-being is the amount of natural light. It is alive and constantly changing during the day and the year whether sunny or dull, warm or cold, diffuse or with hard shadows.


Service_Faszination_Licht_03The lighting conditions must therefore be tailored to the situation and the environment. And that light is not left to pure chance, it requires the optimum combination of light and DAVINCI HAUS architecture in terms of a sophisticated lighting design.

Thus, an individual planning together with our interior designers ensure that the light fits well with you and the function of a useable area. Light is an integral part of the interior design of a DAVINCI HAUS home. Knowledge of the importance of light, its effect on the space and the joy of beautiful lighting are the basis of our work. This is because spaces are as varied as the people who live and work in them. Our goal is to develop fascinating and harmonious sensory experiences that delight our clients and give them a positive outlook on life. We advise you on all matters relating to lighting and develop a concept that is tailored to your needs.

The company TRAPP lights – a long time established partner of ours – offers an exclusive selection of lamps and lighting from top manufacturers / designers to meet every taste and every requirement.

Our aim is through passion and creativity – even in terms of lighting design – to provide an excellent service.