Energy Efficiency

Passivhaus standard with highly insulating glazing

The highly efficient insulating walls, roofing structures made to PASSIVHAUS standard and highly insulating glazing ensure that the energy consumption of a DAVINCI HAUS is far below the requirements set by law.

kfw1Heating pumps and pleasant indoor climate

The integration of modern heating pumps serves further to protect the environment. Upon request we can even incorporate a controlled ventilation system which permanently supplies rooms with fresh air and further maintains the already pleasant indoor climate in a positive way.

We offer our clients all the options of modern eco-friendly construction without losing sight of the relationship between the expense and actual benefits thereof.

Energy efficient –  for more than 30 years

Here at DAVINCI HAUS, we have always endeavoured to form a harmonious partnership between modern technologies and our design-oriented openness of form. The first energy-saving heating pumps were already in use in the 1970s – long before energy efficiency became an important issue for the construction industry. Even today, DAVINCI HAUS go that one step further and build Energy-Plus-Houses on request, which produce more energy than they actually consume.

Top even that – with a photovoltaic system

By taking advantage of our entire surfaceintegrated roof photovoltaic system, our clients become independent of fossil fuels such as oil and gas.

And should a charging station for electric cars be on your wish list, the photovoltaic system can also supply the necessary current.

  • Mrs Menk was always open to new ideas and ready to make any changes we wanted - even on weekends! In our view this demonstrates a real love for the job and an unusual personal dedication.

    Owner Steffen Säuberlich, from Falkensee