If you are building a contemporary modern home these days, then it will almost certainly be on one floor! The bungalow is becoming more and more popular among DAVINCI HAUS home owners, and the advantages are plentiful. Ever since renowned architects raised the humble bungalow to new design levels, this single-storey structure is more popular than ever before.


Your dreams of a beautiful living space can come true! The versatile combination of unpretentious elegance together with open plan design and barrier-free living makes this possible. Naturally being a DAVINCI HAUS, we fulfill all the standard energy requirements with an exceptionally exclusive character.



It is almost impossible to build more visibly than with a bungalow. For in its simplicity lies the greatest advantages:

  • The floor plan and room layout is highly flexible and can be adapted to your wishes – and take into consideration any future living requirements and / or changes to your lifestyle.
  • A bungalow can easily be expanded if you need more space.
  • The one-storey house offers barrier-free living and is by nature, senior – friendly.

Take a closer look at the development on the real estate market and you will find that bungalows are a very attractive prospect when it comes to resale. Ultimately, rooms which are flooded with natural light and can be converted into anything possible, are high on the wish list of future homeowners.


The striking, yet timeless design of a DAVINCI HAUS bungalow is synonymous with value enhancement for your investment. We can build your all-on-one-level dream home, starting from just 120 square meters.



The one-storey building is a family home in the truest sense of the word: All family members can find a retreat or communal area without ever having to climb a staircase. Due to the layout, family life is more comfortable, open and simply more vibrant.
At the same time, builders of a bungalow save substantial construction costs. A one-storey building can be built with considerably less effort – especially as DAVINCI HAUS relies on modern production techniques, thus reducing construction costs further.
Even if your dream of home ownership is still a fledgling and you do not know what your future brings, owning a bungalow will prepare you for every eventuality of life. A DAVINCI HAUS bungalow can be extended at any time and can be built over time gradually – if children come into the house, or you require a home office or even a new hobby demands a special room.


The design core of each bungalow is the open-plan-layout – and this applies in every detail along the path to your very own DAVINCI HAUS:

  • Because it is designed by our architects, your bungalow can be designed according to how you want it to be. The ground floor layout can be individually planned without the need for load-bearing walls or the constraints of the statics of upper floors.
  • The ground-level connection from inside and outside allows for an exceptionally natural design concept that brings light and nature into your home through floor to ceiling windows, doors and glass façades.
  • A modern, open space concept creates lightness and yet offers the possibility to design individual islands in which to retreat to.
  • Your garden becomes an integral part of your home and is open to any number of beautiful landscaped ideas.
  • The DAVINCI HAUS bungalow is open for every part of life – infinitely accessible, barrier-free and with all these credentials, is destined for a long future.

Whether you have a desire for a large garden, are a young family or are someone for whom accessibility is an important criterion: choosing a bungalow is a demonstrative and sustainable decision for the future.  The possibilities and potential of which are boundless.


We are always pleased to advise you individually about our simply exceptional design and introduce you to a variety of other design ideas. Maybe you have ideas of your own, but no concrete plans yet? We are more than happy to assist you.



A classic bungalow offers a particularly open, floor-plan spatial concept, in which you can realise your own design aspirations. The room distribution and the connection of indoor and outdoor space are extremely versatile.

This design is characterised by endless architectural freedom and is suitable for almost every plot of land. Subsequent extensions are possible without problem, or having to redesign the original look of the house. The classic variant is a cost-effective decision for young families or home owner / builders who want to plan their future as openly as their house.


The bungalow on a slope offers the typical challenges that a plot on a hillside brings. However, it also underlines the exceptionally positive aspects of living on slopes. Thanks to the open, light-flooded construction, you can enjoy a unique view from every corner of the house. In addition, you can reach your garden from each of the two floors and can also integrate any requirements for barrier-free living with separate access.

The architectural openness of the bungalow benefits the orientation of the house on the slope site perfectly. You can implement perfect spatial concepts with hillside or valley side development, and you can concentrate entirely on your needs when establishing the house, the garden and the connection of both elements.


Among the so-called Angled bungalows, the L-Bungalow is without doubt one of the most popular designs. With this floor plan, you can enjoy a unique feeling of space in which the typical bungalow perspective takes on a new direction and has an extremely aesthetic effect. Here, you have the potential to push open-plan to the limit. For example, the respective sections of the L-floor plan can be converted into partitioned areas without any great effort – for instance, an office work or living space. The seamless integration of a garage or other utility room is also a very practical and attractive aspect for many new homeowners.

In addition, the ground plan is an ideal place for a sheltered terrace, which can easily be covered without disturbing the visual aesthetic of the bungalow. An attractive garden concept is particularly taken care of with an L-Bungalow.  The area between the building sections can form an outstanding center-piece to your landscaped garden.


Whichever type of DAVINCI HAUS bungalow you decide to choose to be the perfect accommodation for your life, we will be happy to discuss this personally with you. We can also guide you through the compulsory and minimum energy standard requirements which are necessary. In short, we can present our unique ecological and energy saving portfolio of construction just for you.

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