Cellar / Basement / Foundations

A cellar or basement offers more space for design opportunities – whether hobby room or office, spa or swimming pool, sauna or simply a utility room. It can also essentially increase the value of the property. When building a DAVINCI HAUS you can rely one hundred percent on our dedicated and experienced specialists.

When laying foundations or a basement, you will meet our powerful partners:

In the area of pre-fabricated cellars and basements, the company KNECHT may be described as the most experienced builders in Germany. For more than 85 years, KNECHT has stood for ingenuity, quality and comprehensive service.

BÜRKLE is now enroute to becoming the concrete specialists of the 21st Century. Quality, reliability and safety are top priorities.  After more than 50 years in the business, BÜRKLE thoroughly understand the concerns of our customers.

The individual and high-quality cellars and basements of GLATTHAAR have already proven themselves time and time again from earthquake zones and mining subsidence areas, to slopes and areas with persistent ground water. With this partner you can count on a lot more than 30 years building experience!

The construction of a basement must allow a seamless transition with the planning of the rest of the house. There are various options available.  One of these is choosing the DAVINCI HAUS basement in pre-fabricated concrete elements, or there is an alternative and very special method as demonstrated in our DAVINCI Show House II in Gebhardshain.  Here we construct a timber post + beam framework for the lower floor, a DAVINCI HAUS solution unique to the market providing an innovative solution for plots built on slopes.

This patent registered in-house developed solution lends the elegant latticework a transparency to all floors as well as providing new perspectives in creating high quality living or working spaces on lower floors which are consequently flooded with light.


  • In order to minimise costs and because we have a local contractor in our village, we decided to build the foundations ourselves. In the follow-up calculations, we found that we didn’t actually save any money at all. All the cumbersome services which normally DAVINCI HAUS would have taken care of, such as scheduling, co-ordination of the individual tradespeople, construction management, etc. had to be done by us, which in turn took a lot of time, effort and money to complete. All in all, we would recommend, not to do the cellar by yourself because you won’t save any money or get as good a quality compared to that of DAVINCI HAUS.

    Builders Ilona Walter and Knut Friede, from Kieselbronn

  • Only later, after the completion of the entire construction project, did I realise how little I had to take care of. I can only recommend to any would-be builders to trust DAVINCI HAUS and lay the complete order package incl. foundations in their hands - because you are in very good hands.

    Owner Thomas Hielscher, from Zeuthen