DAVINCI HAUS starts cooperation in the United States – DAVINCI HAUS USA

USA800x500For years the export of German engineered buildings has hardly been any issue for the German industry. It concentrated on the internal market and on some neighbouring countries like Switzerland, Austria and Benelux. This has, however, changed basically during the past decade. Even far away destinations became interesting markets.

DAVINCI HAUS was one of the first, that delivered designer homes to the Far East, to Japan.

And now – after doing successful business with neighbouring countries (Switzerland, Austria France, Benelux-Countries) as well as Ireland, the United Kingdom, Russia and Ukraine – the Westerwald House Manufacturer established this unique architecture as DAVINCI HAUS USA in America. The American colleagues were particularly impressed by the German craftsmanship and the detailed production of the various house components, during their Westerwald tour. The exclusive and timeless design, however, obviously meets the taste of the American group of buyers in question.  “Made in Germany” as a quality label is highly appreciated in the US.

DAVINCI HAUS USA would like to introduce the European style to the United States. Every house will be designed individually to the client’s needs and carried out in line with the American standards. All parts will be manufactured by experienced craftsmen in Germany and fitted together on site. The American colleagues act as local contact regarding all issues, take care of the building permit and of the complete interior works in accordance with American standards, coupled with the long-term experience of DAVINCI HAUS.

Here you already find a small teaser of one out of many possible building variations/houses:

For further information please visit our American website: davinci-haus.com